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Via Veneto Garden Apartment

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GBP £ 2,077 | USD $ 2,524

Minimum Stay: 2 nights
Max Occupancy: 4 guests
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Type: Apartment
pool Swimming Pool
ac_unit Air Conditioning
wifi WiFi
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Via Veneto Garden Apartment

Newly renovated apartment in the heart of Grace Bay. Our ground floor unit apartment is just few steps from the famous Grace Bay beach. It is centrally located in the Grace Bay area within walking distance to restaurants and shops.
Minimum length of stay is 2 days
Change over day: FLEXIBLE
Minimum stay may vary by time of the year.
Smoking NOT allowed on premises.
Mobility: NONE
No price indications
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Additional Rates:
Daily rate from: 325
Weekly rate from: 2275

Prices are quoted in EUR
Monthly rate from: 9917 Euro
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Postcode: TKCA 1ZZ
City: Grace Bay
Region: Providenciales
Country: Turks-Caicos
Main Features:
Sleeps/Guests up to: 4
Pool: done Pool
Payment options:
Airconditioning: done
Internet: done
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It was hard to give this even 1 star, but you have no choice. Hard to know where to start but here goes... The only positive statement made anywhere on any site by the owners and their reviewers about this broken-down concrete shack that is true is that it is indeed a 2 minute walk straight to Grace Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth for sure. And that's good, because with the terrible accommodations this hole provided us, we needed to spend as much time as possible away from it. Here goes... - Vangie, although very sweet and bubbly, was useless in managing the property if indeed that was her job. She did give us the keys. And that was about it the entire week. I get why she bolted as quick as she could after we got there because she knew we were going to be unhappy instantly. I had to run into the street to catch her when the first thing we realized was that there was no coffee maker in the kitchen. Well, there was a combination toaster/coffee maker/USB charger - (yes, you read that correctly) but no pot. This was just the first clue we got that we had been ripped off. Well, the second. The first was really when we drove up and saw the MOUNTAIN of garbage out by the road in front of the house. Very attractive, and aromatic. And it stayed there THE ENTIRE WEEK even after repeated calls to Vangie to have it picked up. Apparently no one paid the trash bill. - Within minutes of Vangie beat-feeting out of there, we also realized that there was NO WORKING CABLE SERVICE WHICH MEANT NO WI-FI OR INTERNET! That call to our bubbly hostess went unheeded as well. Her response when we finally DID get her on the phone?..."Hee hee....oh well, you know you're in the islands!" With all of us having a need to stay in touch with folks at home whilst on vacation (and some needing to actually do some work while away, too) we had to get creative in glomming off the neighbors Wi-Fi, which was spotty at best. So no web also meant no music streaming unless we glommed. Good times. - Other attractive property features include: exposed electrical and cable wires all over the exterior of the house and grounds, uncovered weed barrier sheets everywhere, exposed plumbing pipes, broken Adirondack chairs, old broken and completely torn and unusable pool lounge chairs, more garbage bags ON the property in the "yard", completely overgrown and untended grounds, a broken down, an unsafe shed that looks like it is right out of one of the "Hostel" movies. Let's talk about the semi-private (to be shared with the unlucky upstairs vacationers who also won the lottery) pool for a moment...COMPLETELY UNUSABLE THE ENTIRE WEEK. Disgusting green and brown algae and lawn clippings everywhere in the pool - basic health hazzard sludge - to the point of being dangerously slippery. Again - another call to Vangie. A very nice guy showed up - by TUESDAY (we arrived the previous Thursday and were leaving in 2 days!) and proceeded to tear apart the filter and pump, call in another guy, bring some parts, scratch their heads a lot - AND NOT GET IT WORKING TO CLEAN IT IN TIME FOR ANYONE TO USE. - The bathroom (yes, ONE, for 4 people) was just nasty. Rusted pipes and towel racks, poorly constructed, broken tiles, unclean floor, the list goes on. And toiletries? We had to buy our own TP. And the "provided" soap and shampoo? I've gotten better sample sizes of better products from Motel 6. - Ah, the broken chair in the living ro..., er, area. Leg on the chair completely broken and propped under it....like it was a practical joke for someone to sit on and crash to the floor. A lawsuit waiting for a lawyer. - Lawsuit part 2: the electrical outlet in the bedroom literally disintegrated when I went to plug in my phone cord. (I have pictures of this, too.) It was completed rotted out and rusted - IN THE WALL! So yeah, no phone by the bed then, either. But hey, there was no Wi-Fi, anyway, right? - The bedroom was microscopic. So small that my wife and I had to put our suitcases in the living room. The "dresser" was IN the closet it is that small. We could not both be anywhere in the room except on either side of the bed. There was about 18 inches of space on either side and in front of the bed! - The sheets and towels were something out of a prison cell. - The final insult? Literally as we were packing the car to drive to the airport as we were leaving, all kinds of service personnel, pool guys, trash service, cable repairmen showed up and started working on the place. We were LIVID. But honestly, nothing is going to fix this dump other than a bulldozer. We did find out that there had been hurricane damage - which was evident in the huge foundation cracks they tried to cover with paint in the kitchen and bathroom walls. So in summary - T+C is amazing and we cannot wait to go back. We would likely stay at any of the other vacation homes on the road we were on - they looked beautiful and you could tell that their owners cared about their guests. I am sure our place, which was an embarrassment to come to after being out for the day, was looked on by the other owners and guests on the same road as "that" place. More likely, though, we will look to stay at one of the gorgeous resorts we walked through each day to get to the beach. To be fair, Vangie is not the owner. Apparently, they are Italian and had jetted off to Italy and just could not be bothered with such trivial things like ensuring their guests got what they paid a lot of money for and that which was advertised. On that note, too...lesson learned: PHOTOS - ESPECIALLY THOSE TAKEN FROM A DISTANCE - ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. You want to see photos?...I have the real deal. Up close and horrible. DO NOT RENT THIS PLACE. NO SAVINGS IS WORTH THIS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR HERE - EVEN IF IT WERE $50 NIGHT. I've rented motel rooms for bachelor parties on the New Jersey Shore that were in better shape than this. So in the spirit of ancient Rome, about this dump...CAVEAT EMPTOR! (Let the buyer beware!)
Written by: , Visit Date: 2019-02, Source: TripAdvisor