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Belize  Belize - Holiday Rentals in Blackman-Eddy Belize

Belize Country: Belize (6) | Region: Blackman-Eddy
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    Found 1 Blackman-Eddy properties for vacation rental

    Room • 1 Person • 1 1
    $ 85 USD
    171 BZD /night
    Min Stay 1 night

    Blackman-Eddy, Belize

    $ 171 BZD /Night (minimum stay 1 night)
  • WiFi

    Your private bungalow in Belize!!
    Features:  •  Patio   •   Internet Access   •   Smoke Alarm   •   laundry   •   Garden   •   Swimming Pool   •   Parking Pets at the property: Name: type:Dog lives indoor: 1I live in the main house on the property and have 1 cabana for guests. Guests from HOMESTAY will stay in the Bungalow during their stay. This cabin has a private bathroom, kitchenette with fridge and single electric burner, sleeping area with a large desk and a private balcony overlooking a huge mango tree and many banana and coconut trees. I can offer you a light breakfast and you also have facilities for making your own meals. My neighbour has a small cafe offering excellent and cheap Belizean food too. I am a tour operator and therefore have quite an extensive knowledge of things to do i...More Details

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